Microplastic in tap water

A few days ago a friend from London send me this article from the guardian. Which I like to share with you.



It doesn’t come as a surprise to me, and it just shows how important our project is today and tomorrow for the world. Scientists created plastic a hundred years ago. Now it’s all around us – both visible and invisible but what are the health impacts of micro plastic ? – Thank God that the mainstream media finally brought our awareness to this dramatic problem we all face. All those unnecessary plastic bottles, which will eventually degrade into micro plastic and most likely end up as micro plastic particles in the tap water system of our children and grandchildren and make them sick. Even today we already face the consequences of the use and plastic waste we created in the past decade destroying our environment in the process of degrading plastic into micro plastic and making it a delicate, invisible subject hurting us, our children and planet earth.


It is time to liberate our tap water!!!

Our holistic solution and new technology at nui well make the use of water plastic bottles obsolete while at the same time it nurtures and filters water in a way that was never seen before. Imagine, a network of water stations throughout your city. More water stations than Starbucks coffee shops, you bring only your glass bottle

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge about microplastics you find further links here:



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